240W GU Series UFO Highbay lighting for steel manufacturing @ mx

  • 【Series】:Warehouse / Factory(ufo Highbay lighting)
  • 【Description】:steel manufacturing Lighting Renovation

    Project Label: steel manufacturing Lighting Renovation

    Installation date: Dec 11. 2016 

    Products Basic info : GU Series LED UFO High Bay Light, 240W, CCT 6000K, 40000LM, Beam Angle 60°

    Mounting height: 14.5m

    Average Illumination: 450 LUX

    Project Introduction:

      490pcs 200-240W 50/90degree high bay for two projects, this is one of them, for the customer did the light simulation himself, we do not  know the exact high bay amount ( he told it's around 374pcs) he used for this project

    Each light illuminates 32.000 lumens power which is equivalent to 700W metal halide New lamp. However poor life of metal halide lamps decreases lumens power quickly. A couple of months later Metal Halides drain the power same as the first day but illuminate just not what it supposed. On the other hand, GreenNova GU Series illuminate its optimal level for the entire life time and consume less than half what MH light consume. 

     One of the Directors commented They( factory side) seem to be VERY happy, the customer told us so.

    We got most of our factory warehouse area lights installed, they look very impressive
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